One thought on “Curly sausages!

  1. Hello Charlotte and Ben, I.m sure you must be looking forward to seeing Jane and Paul very soon. I went to Hamburg some years ago when we had friends living there – we also drove over to Lubeck. It was lovely weather and I thought the main street was rather attractive. Poor Nicholas retakes his Investment exam next Tues l0th July (please pray for him). He is getting help from the module director and doing lots of practise questions so I hope he can pass it (result is due in Aug!). He saw Granny and Grandad for lunch yesterday in Oxford. It is v.v lonely for him as all the students have gone home. He has one housemate still in the house who has a job during the day. Anyway as I’ve said to Nicholas its not long now! Christopher is back at school doing the A2 course but working alot of shifts at the local hotel which is good. Hope you enjoy Denmark. Weather here is appalling!!Please give Jane and Paul my love. lots of love Carolinexxxxxx

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