A drunken/ sunny Heiligenhafen

We spent a couple of days chillaxing on another part of the Baltic coast, not far from the ferry we would soon be catching to Denmark. We parked up around lunchtime and headed to the bar for a cold beer and to soak up the afternoon sun. When we returned to the caravan two northerners on bikes had parked up next to us, Gary and Steve! We got chatting, then ended up spending the rest of the night in the campsite bar with them watching the Euro final and making friends with a bunch of Germans and downing shots of Feigling…luvely!

The following day was a lazy one, mostly spent stocking up in Lidl/Netto/Aldi in preparation for ‘rip-off’ Scandinavia and then an evening walk watching the sun go down which ended with Ben dragging us down a cliff edge…!

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