About us

We will be pottering around Europe for the next few months in our pick up truck, with caravan in tow. Follow our trip as we attempt to travel through around 15 countries with our dog, Jake! We catch the ferry over to Calais on Thurs 22nd March…then the fun begins…eek!!!!

5 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello Charlotte and Ben, I am enjoying looking at your photos and news and thinking of you alot. Hope all going well. lots of love from Caroline, Nicholas and Christopherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Just discovered your website -yes a bit late I know. Brings back memories from 20 years ago when I was a back- packer (when I wasn’t being your nanny Charlotte)! Makes me sound old in more ways than 1!
    ……….Have fun on the rest of your travels. x Rachel

    • Hi Rachel! Really good to hear from you. I vaguely remember you going around Europe when we were little, it would be interesting to compare notes! I hope all’s well with you in Melbourne? xxx

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