Our last night

We spent it in the beer garden of a really cool bar in Brugge called Republiek. The outside eating area was surrounded by crumbling walls and what looked like an old castle tower-very random. Ben had steak and I had a very scrummy Fajita tower…typical Belgium food of course…well, not quite! Brugge is an extremely expensive place to eat out, moules and frites costing €25 or more a portion-crazy! So we opted for the shabby chic, off the tourist route, Belgium bar, and very good it was too. We rounded off the meal with a Belgium waffle while walking through the streets of Brugge (it had to be done even though we were about to explode!).

The rest of the evening was spent back at camp, drinking and reminiscing.

2 thoughts on “Our last night

  1. Aaaah! so sad that your trip has to end….but maybe it’s just an interlude until the next adventure! Glad to have you home you look really well and healthily tanned..x

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