We jumped on the motorway and headed south to the richest city in Germany. We parked under a new shopping centre next to the impressive Rathaus (town hall) and headed through the quiet banking part of the city, it was a Saturday. We found ourselves at Hamburgs busy harbour- tour boats, cruise boats and cargo ships filled the waters, and cranes decorated the horizon. The harbour was undergoing serious modernisation. Across the water a very impressive philharmonic hall was halfway through construction, a very modern glass shell was being placed around the curvy structure, v fancy! We wondered along the busy harbour and then up to St Michaels church where we took a lift to the top of the tower, which had fab views of Hamburg. We could see Hamburgs Flak tower in the distance, we’re now very knowledgeable in Flak towers after Berlin!!

We wound our way back down to the streets below and walked up to the lake North of the city. Boats were out on the water and people lined the edge of the lake soaking up the sun, it reminded us of Zurich where the lake dominates the city. Hamburg felt like an older brother to Berlin, more grown up and powerful but less creative than his younger sibling!

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