Wibbly wobbly Lübeck!

We drove west from Wismar to a lovely campsite, randomly full of rabbits!

We spent yesterday in a very humid and wonky Lübeck!! We got a map from the Tourist information centre and followed the walking tour route. We started at the Holsten gate, the first wonky building on the route! We then made our way around the town weaving through the old streets and then out into the modern shopping district then back into the old part, the old town was scattered amongst clusters of new buildings. Churches dominated the older parts, covered in dark red brick and towering high above the other buildings. We went inside the cathedral and St Mary’s church, both of which had been white washed in the Baroque era, which made the interiors feel extremely light and airy, quite different to other churches we’ve seen where the interiors were covered head to toe in heavy, ornate decorations. Both churches were off kilter, the interior columns bent disconcertingly! We continued walking through the town, across to the castle gate and back around the moat which encompasses the whole town.

On our way back to the car the rain came down and the humidity suddenly dropped- phewy!

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