We spent the day pottering around the old medieval town of Ptuj, we walked from the campsite over the bridge, up through the narrow cobbled streets to the castle. The castle was typically Slovenian, similar to the Bled castle, more a medieval villa than a castle. We bought a ticket and entered the first exhibition…full of traditional Slovenian masks…I had a mini freak out, some looked really scary!! We then walked through the gates up to the castle grounds. We looked everywhere for the entrance to the museum, then asked a lady, she nodded and opened up a little iron gate and let us in, it was as if you needed a password to get in!! We walked through the living quarters, all in amazing condition with fab tapestries on the walls and amazing decorative ceilings, then we went through another secret door into a musical instrument museum and finally (Bens fave!) the armoury museum, it was pretty extensive!

Maribor, combined with Ptuj and a few villages in the surrounding area have been awarded the European Capital of Culture 2012 which means a lot of money is being pumped into the town, they were doing extensive renovation to their monasteries and the town square. There were flags and flower beds everywhere promoting it.

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