Country #10: Hungary

We left lovely Slovenia and jumped on the motorway to Hungary. We hardly knew that we had entered the country, there was no formal border crossing, just a sign saying we had entered and Jane on the sat nav informing us!! We found this really odd as the Slovenia/Croatia border was really full on with passport checks. We carried on the motorway, then realised that we didn’t have a vignette, so joined a side road where there was a petrol station. The lady spoke no English and took ages trying to find our country on the computer to process the vignette, I wrote out all the possible ways and she finally found it under United Kingdom!! Back on the motorway and only another 40 miles up the road and we were at our next campsite situated right on Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Europe I believe!

It was a lovely sunny day so we spent the afternoon…guess what?! Yup, castle exploring!! We found two, the first in Sumeg and the second in Szigliget, just down the road. The first castle looked amazing from a distance, perched on top of a hillock, with the town below, but it had recently been heavily restored which we thought spoilt it. It did however have the best map of the castle we have seen so far, printed on metal, very fancy! We headed back towards Keszethly and saw an amazing ruined castle on top of another hill over looking the lake, we headed towards it, up through a beautiful little village, every house was covered in very well kept thatched roofs. We found a place to park and walked up the steep hill to the entrance. This castle (luckily!) hadn’t had the funds to do a major restoration so it was bare ruins with a few wooden walkways up to the top. It was (or rather had been) huge, with ruins sprawling down the hill. The view was incredible!

We then stopped off at the palace in Keszethly before heading back to camp.

We also changed some Euros into the Hungarian FT…we now feel really rich! €1 to 300FT! It’s a pain when we get to a country not using the Euro as we have a Euro card but it makes it much more interesting and exciting to get a different currency (check out the pic of me excited-lol)!!

*Next stop Budapest and maybe a couple more castles?!

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