Castle number…423(ish)!!

OK, so you’re probably getting really bored of our castle posts…but you’re just going to have to deal with it for another couple of months!!!

We drove from Lake Balaton across to Budapest. Sat Nav kindly took us right through the centre, but eventually we found the campsite tucked away behind a main road in Pest…it’s amazing how people manage to squeeze campsites into the middle of cities!! We were greeted by a very jolly Hungarian man who spent a long while running through the ins and outs of Budapest!! After managing to drag ourselves away we hooked up the caravan and sped off to Visegrad castle, north of Budapest.

We wound up and around a steep hill, behind the oldest bus in the world. When it finally managed to reach the top it looked like it’s radiator had exploded, boiling hot water cascading out the back…think it was going to be a while before he got home!!

It was now boiling hot, 31 degrees! We bought our tickets and headed into the castle…more a fortress to be honest! It was full of school kids, we felt we had entered a tourist trap and I suppose we had but it was still good to see it and the views were fabulous (I sound like Mum-hehe!!). We wondered around and through the little exhibitions. Oh and Ben thought it would be funny to put me in the stocks!

2 thoughts on “Castle number…423(ish)!!

  1. Whilst castles are beautiful and I’m loving the photos have you considered visiting churches – they’re usually free, cool and have fantastic architecture – just a thought!! Go on surprise us!

    • Hi Christine! Your comment made me laugh! We saw loads in Italy, it was really interesting to see how the architecture differed as we went around the country, we loved Sienas cathedral with the stripy columns! But we havent seen many recently and your post has reminded me to make sure i check them out…watch this space!! x

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