Fun times at a water park!

We said goodbye to Hats 😦 & Ljubljana and arrived at our next campsite near Ptuj in north east Slovenia. The campsite is part of this huge holiday resort and has an awesome water park (we’d been banging on about wanting to go to a water park the whole time Hats was with us!!). We quickly sorted out the caravan and walked over to the park. After going through reception, we got majorly confused by all the signs as they were all in Slovene, we finally found the changing rooms (we’re still not sure whether they were female, male or mixed!), then headed for the pools! We went in the outdoor wave pool, so fun (!) then the massage and whirlpools, filled with healing low mineral water I have you know!! Then down the slide, we were gutted as it was the only slide that was open as it’s still not high season, but is was loads of fun. It looked boring blue from the outside but inside it was crazy…you slide over a transparent section into a black tube all lit up in cool shapes and colours, then into a bright orange section followed by a bit of tube that looked like a night club, twinkling with LED lights-very fancy! We finished off by chilling in the other healing pools (some were boiling!) and the sauna, then headed home for tea!

Ooo and the campsite has these amazing barrel rooms, made from old wine (?) barrels-that’s where we’ll be staying next time we come!!!

One thought on “Fun times at a water park!

  1. This looks amazing!!!!! Love the underwater pictures. Why was the weather so good the day after I left?! Typical! xxx

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