A wet walk home…

Having thought we had left the storm back in Salona, we pottered around Trogir and picked up a pizza slice each, then started to walk up the steep hill towards the campsite when the heavens opened. Everyone rushed for cover, I found a small doorway and Ben hid down the side of a car!! In Croatia when it rains…it really rains!! Within minutes the road was a foot deep in water, Ben joined me in the doorway, we put on our waterproofs and ate our pizza. After 20 minutes and it still chucking it down we decided to just get wet, our feet were swimming in our trainers and every time a car went past we got splashed from head to toe, except for a kind German who slowed down when he passed, but it was too late by then…we were drenched!! We passed people walking wrapped in towels, they had got caught out on the beach and were trying to hurry home wearing practically nothing. It ended up turning into a fun game, running from side to side, avoiding the torrent of water running down the road and leaping over fences whenever a lorry or bus came past! Our trainers are still wet now…!

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