A random Castle day!

Our last day on the coast and with part of me wishing we had gone to Zadar, we decided we’d visit Sibenik to make up for it! 25km down the road, we parked up on the lovely harbour front, the sun was shinning (which made up for the day before!) and the boats and windsurfers were out in the harbour making full use of the sunny, breezy weather. We walked through the lovely old town and up the steep steps to the fortress at the top of the town. As we climbed higher I quickly regretted what I had put on that morning and was successfully flashing my bum to the whole of Sibenik…it was mega windy!!! We walked around the fortress and ate lunch looking out to sea. We loved Sibenik.

I read in the guide book that there was an awesome fortress town not far from Split called Sinj, Ben thought it sounded amazing, even though it was a little out of our way, we had to go. So we headed back along the new motorway, past Trogir and inland a little to Sinj, but when we arrived there were no old city walls to be seen…I had read about Senj…not Sinj…massive dyslexic error! Senj was in fact in northern Croatia…oops! Ben looking sad and disappointed and me feeling like a complete tool, i had to quickly rectify the situation. The guide book came back out and we soon realised not far from where we were was a castle in a village called Klis. When we were in Salona the day before we had seen an awesome castle like structure perched on the top of the hill in between the mountains and this was it. The castle was huge, built into the rock. There was so much of it still intact… we were in castle heaven!!! The man in the shed at the entrance gave us a map and Ben walked us around the ruins. We love the fact that Croatia seem to have no health and safety rules, it means you can explore everything!!! We walked through little tunnels, out on to large terraces looking across to Split, and into partially restored rooms. We were leaning over a wall when all of a sudden a snake ran in front of my feet, all startled I screamed and ran on to a wall nearby. Ben acted cool saying things like ‘It’s only a snake’ and ‘I think he’s more scared of you’, then moments later, up some steps Ben jumps across the path and lets out a yelp, another snake had slithered out in front of him…not so cool now are we Ben!!! We continued to explore the rest of the castle but brought in the ‘throwing stones in front of us’ tactic so to scare the snakes off before we got there… what losers!!! We loved this castle… a lot 🙂 The coast of Croatia-done!

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