Sunny Split & Salona

I woke up early, mega excited that we were getting on a boat!! We grabbed our sun cream and waterproofs, not knowing what the Croatian weather had in store for us (the weather had been dodgy the last few days), and walked out of the campsite and up the busy road to Trogir port where we found a boat heading to Split. All eager we were the first to board and nabbed a window seat, an hour later we arrived in sunny Split. We chugged into the port past all the amazing boats with the Dioletians palace in front of us, what an awesome way to enter Split! The harbour front was buzzing with people and ferries, we walked through the entrance into the old town where it was a lot calmer and cooler, we wound around the streets to the main square, walked around the cathedral and then out through the silver gate to a huge market where, after trying all the flavours, we bought a pot of Croatian honey! High on sugar we wondered back through the palace walls and out the other side to the fish market then up to the Split art gallery and around to the huge statue of a 10th Century Bishop where we rubbed his big toe…it brings you good luck I have you know!

It had just gone lunch time and, as much as we loved Split, we felt we had seen all we wanted to, so after consulting the guide book, we decided we were up for a mini adventure to Salona, an old Roman city. We found the bus stop and hopped on the number 1 bus that took us 5km out of the city inland to the modern, and not so nice city of Solin. The bus dropped us off at the top of the city. We walked through the big gates and into a huge park which led down to the ruins, within minutes we had gone from being dumped on the side of a busy road to the tranquility of Salona. We probably should have come here before Pompeii as it mainly consisted of bits of walls and piles of rubble, but luckily i had Ben in tow who has the most ridiculous imagination and therefore the ability to bring the smallest piles of stone to life! Within minutes we had turned into 7 year olds and were running around the ruins of the Basillica, Roman baths and amphitheatre, re-enacting plays and fights…an awesomely fun big kids play ground!

We then ran down to the bottom of the hill (a storm was coming our way and it was starting to rain) to the bus stop on the dual carriageway, where a rickety old bus picked us up and took us back to Trogir.

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