Camping paradise…

After crossing over the small island of Pag we arrived at Camping Village Simuni, we nabbed the last pitch by the lovely beach which stretches around a beautiful cove…literally camping paradise!

*We’ll be here for a few days, and we have free wifi so Skype-age is possible although the internet is pretty intermittent so not sure how good it will be.

P.S. Sorry to bombard you with lots of posts, Italy haven’t quite got their act together when it comes to cheap wifi!

2 thoughts on “Camping paradise…

  1. Dear Charlotte, Thinking of you alot today and wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I sent your card and a little present to Harriet. I have loved reading all about the places you have visited, many of which I have also visited. I always remember getting a taxi from Naples to our hotel in Amalfi and your Mum, Granny and I screaming in the back as we were terrified as the taxi driver was going so fast around the hairpin bends!! Your Mum and I would have been teenagers. I hope you have a wonderful time with Harriet. Nicholas did his final 3 exams last wk. He found the Investment one v. difficult as it had some Maths questions in it! He gets his results on 11th June and graduation ceremony at OxB is on the 18th. Christopher is in the middle of AS exams. Take care of yourself and HAVE A VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. SENDING you lots of love and love to Harriet and Ben. Caroline, Nicholas and Christopherxx The island of Pag looks gorgeous.

  2. Hi Caroline, Thanks for the b’day message! I remember Mum saying about you going as a family to the Amalfi coast, the taxi ride sounded pretty scary!! It was the dodgiest driving we’ve experienced so far, but Ben did an amazing job maneuvering the caravan around the tight corners!!! I bet Nicholas is relieved his exams are over, Harriet finished hers yesterday. We can’t wait to see her in a week or so! Lots of love xxx

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