On route to craggy Croatia!

After misplacing my passport, partially blaming the campsite receptionist then finding it again we finally set off for Croatia! We quickly crossed over the Italian / Slovenian border through lots of wooded hills and into Croatia. Going through 3 countries in the space of an hour seemed pretty weird! The Croatian border was the most thorough of the lot so far, he asked if we had any bodies in the caravan (!), asked where we were going in Croatia and stamped our passports…I didn’t think they bothered with stamps anymore?! Out the other side we exchanged some Euros into Kuna, felt really rich as their currency is 7 Kuna to a Euro, and drove along their brand spanking new motorway…which then abruptly finished a few miles on…the costal road it was then!! A couple of hours later we reached a little port where a ferry took us over to the Island of Pag!

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