Birthday time!

The day started randomly with a man wearing a Mexican hat singing Happy Birthday outside our caravan, I thought Ben had set it up but it was in fact a member from the entertainment team at the campsite, they must have found out from my passport!! We then attempted to make a birthday cake in the oven in the caravan, but the batteries in the weighing scales we had brought with us had run out so we ended up guessing the weight of everything! It turned out a bit wonky but was still v tasty 🙂

After a few hours on the beach we headed over to the Jet Ski regatta which was held in the next cove. There was a good atmosphere, music was blasting out from one of the tents and the guys were preparing their Jet ski’s. They finally set off on the first race round a nearby island, which meant they wouldn’t be back for 20 mins so we walked round the cove and sat on the swinging seats that hovered over the sea, then back to the beach to soak up some sun and drink beer!

In the evening we headed up to the restaurant, after drinking a bottle of prosecco on the beach, and had an awesome dinner. I had loads of Calamari 🙂 and ben had a yummy steak. In between each course they insisted we had a shot of their home made firey vodka & herbal drink thing…7 shots later combined with beer, red wine, jaeger and proseco, and we were feeling pretty ruined!! There was an awesome atmosphere in the bar, everyone has watching the champion’s league final. A very fun birthday indeed 🙂


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