Mega yum pizza night!

We couldn’t be in Naples, the home of the pizza, and not have one! So we shimmied on down to the harbour next to our campsite and sat in a pizzeria hanging over the sea. We loved this harbour, there were no tourists, which we realised was a rarity for the Amalfi coast. There were a couple of newly renovated hotels but the people staying obviously just ate in the hotel and didn’t venture out, which suited us! We sat and ate soooo much pizza, shortly after we arrived the bar began filling up fast, full of Italians nattering away, the atmosphere was awesome! There were other little bars along the harbour which were full to the brim, Italians were spilling out on to the street and sitting on the beach, scooters were constantly whizzing past, adding to the buzz. This lovely harbour is, at the moment, a place for the Italians to escape the tourists, but it won’t be long until more hotels are renovated and it’s all over the guide books. We’ll be back before then…I hope!

Due to an annoying 11pm curfew, where the campsite goes on lock down each night, we were forced to carry on the night back in the caravan with our Jim Beam (JD too expensive!!) and Jameson!

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