The Italians are actually crazy…

We thought the Italians had become a little tame when it came to driving in northern Italy, but as we headed south the well known dodgy driving was in abundance…

 Italian drivers love to:

1. Over take you on blind bends

2. Straddle lanes on dual carriageways

3. Rub up your bumper…all the time!!

4. Use their horns… a lot…for any occasion!

5. Park anywhere. Just park up where you like and put your hazards on!

6. Double park on roundabouts…or even triple park if you fancy it!

7. Hit things! Their cars are battered, insurance claims are obviously optional!

8. Ignore authority. Police are for show only!

9. Drive small old Fiats. These are the only cars intact…we want one!

10. Ignore the speed limit

11. Wait until the last possible moment to pull off the motorway

12. Switch lanes all the time!

And the mopeds are even worse…they love to use their mopeds as small lorries!!

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