Rome: Day 3

Our last day in Rome, we decided the Vatican was the last major thing we wanted to do. We got off the metro nearby and confidently walked past the massive queue to the front where we thought we could queue jump with our Roma passes…the Vatican doesn’t accept the Roma pass. Grrr! We sat down in a nearby cafe and devised plan B! Marie-Ann and Pedro shared an amazing Affogato (ice-cream and coffee). Plan B was becoming hard to devise as it was Monday and all the other Museum and galleries were shut, we had one more free entry on our Roma pass but no where to use it. I was getting more and more angry at myself for not checking the almost invisible small print on the passes and once we left the cafe I ended up getting in a strop and taking it out on Ben-smooth!

Anyway…the rest of the day worked out quite well, we went in St Peters Basilica, down the Via della Conciliazione to the Castel S. Angelo, around the moat, through the market along the river, then we weaved through lots of narrow streets in the direction of Hard Rock cafe, Marie-Ann has visited the majority of them and needed to tick Rome off the list!! Back at the campsite, Ben quickly knocked up some pasta and then it was time for Maz/Pez to head back to the airport. What a fun weekend 🙂

One thought on “Rome: Day 3

  1. We had a fab time with you. Great memories and looking forward to another round of Liar Dice and pass the pigs when you’re back x

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