Next stop: The Amalfi coast

We left Rome the following morning and were on route to Italys ‘prettiest coastline’. We headed for the motorway, picked up some Freaky Fries and Yonkers and had a pretty smooth journey down…well almost!! I do now vaguely remember Mum saying something about not driving with the caravan down the Amalfi coast…too late, I’d forgotten and we were on it swinging the caravan round tight corners and through dark tunnels. We then pass the campsite…there was a sharp turning to the right just after a tunnel and hidden by a bridge. Nooooo! We carried on driving hoping for a roundabout, but apparently there are none on the Amalfi coast! Eventually we found a place to turn around, after lots of tooting and holding up all the traffic we turned, but the campsite turning was too tight from this direction so we had to pass it again and find another place to turn back round. After eventually making it down the single track side road and almost ending up in the sea we found it! A lovely little campsite covered in orange and lemon trees, with a funny old man who had one pitch left for a caravan of our size-phew, cos we weren’t going back!!

That evening we walked down to the harbour (literally a few meters from the campsite) and along the beach, past lots of little Trattorias and bars. The sunset was amazing.

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