We bought our train tickets at the Tabacchi on the harbour front, which also included a short bus journey to the station so we waited for the bus to pick us up and take us up the hill. He was a nice bus driver and took us on to the next station so we didn’t have to walk as far! We got on the rickety old train covered in rust and graffiti 20 minutes round the bay to Pompeii. It was a boiling hot day so we were armed with loads of water and we had Granny’s 1970 Pompeii book which guided us around the old ruins. We didn’t quite realise the true extent of the ruins until we got there, it’s huge, and so much of it preserved which meant we could really imagine people once living here. We particularly loved the amphitheatre. A few hours later and all ruined out we walked covered in dust back to the station, grabbed an ice cream and waited at the station for the beaten up train to take us back to our campsite…that explains why it’s only €1.50 a journey!!!

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