Barcelona: Day 3

Day 3 was Gaudi day! Once in town we headed straight to the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece which is still being constructed, well over 100 years on. We walked along many narrow streets with buildings towering high either side until we turned the last corner and from the other side of the small park we could see the amazing basilica. We picked up the pace excited to see more!! As soon as we got to the gates we were confronted with a ginormous queue. Quick thinking Ben whipped out his phone and headed straight to Mc Donalds which was just over the road, we stood outside, used the free wifi and bought our tickets online. The online ticket collection queue was none existent, so after 15 or so minutes outside Maccie D’s, we were inside the basilica. We gawped silently for ages just taking it all in, no words could explain! Everything about the building was incredible; the hyperbolic structure, the light streaming in through the vivid stained glass windows, the staircases that spiralled up to the choir stalls, the sculptures, the intricate mosaic work… We walked around the interior for a while, then out through the main entrance and down to the exhibition which packed with Gaudi’s drawings, diagrams and mock up scultpures, you could also see the workshops where sculptors are still working to this day to finish the building. A-maz-ing 🙂 !!

Once we felt we’d seen it all we headed off to Gaudi’s next creation La Pedrera, an apartment block he’d designed just down the road. Once again there was a huge queue, luckily this was included in out Articket so we queue jumped and followed the signs around the building, starting with the roof terrace, then through the attic and down and around an apartment, it was interesting to see how he’d stamped his style on a building quite different to the basilica. We had a quick look in the shop, bought a Gaudi book and headed off. Next stop the Park Guell, we’d decided to drive in this day instead of taking the bus which seemed sensible up until this point! The Park Guell is on top of a hill with absolutely no parking anywhere near by (or at least not any that was available). We drove around for a while but gave up in the end and decided to head back into town to the Modern art museum (MACBA). This is another large building that crops up all of a sudden in the middle of a large square, obviously in complete contrast to Gaudi’s work, but still pretty cool in a white cube kind of way! It was late in the day so the MACBA was really quiet, we wondered in with our art pass and climbed the ramps to the top of the building. We found the exhibitions quite hard to connect with, I don’t know whether we were just tired or if it was the pretentious language used to explain them or if they just felt like nothing compared to Gaudi, but what ever it was we didn’t think much of them. The building however made up for it, we found it was a good place just to sit and watch the awesome skateboarding in the square!

* Sat outside the Miro exhib nabbing their wifi! Barce: Day 4 to follow soon. Back up to France tomorrow, heading towards Italy!

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