Beach lock out!

After we’d stuffed ourselves full of yummy paella, we took Jake for a quick walk around the block, on our walk we heard loud flamenco music coming from over the fence. It sounded like loads of fun, maybe it was a beach party, so we thought we’d investigate further. We left Jake in the caravan and walked on to the beach, Ben armed with a can of Estrella and me with my mug of wine! We trundled up the beach only to find the music coming from behind a large fence, we gave up, dipped our toes in the sea and walked back. But in the 10 minuets of entering the beach someone had locked the gate back into the campsite, we looked at each other and laughed thinking maybe we’d got the wrong gate, but no it was the correct one and firmly padlocked- blooming typical, Ben could have probably jumped over it but i was in flip flops and tight jeans, so instead we looked for another way in. Further up the beach there was a lane leading to the dual carriageway, it seemed like our only option, so we ended up walking about mile round to get back to the campsite. Oops!

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