Barcelona: Day 4

I don’t think we quite realised the scale of Barcelona until we got here. We had only planned 3 days here but a 4th day was needed. It was Montserrat and Miro day!

We drove out of Barcelona 20 odd miles to the bottom of the Monastery at Montserrat. All excited we hopped into a yellow cable car which took us up to the top of the cliff. We particularly enjoyed the bit half way up where it wobbled jerkily in the wind!!! Once at the top we walked up the monastery and then down a cliff path and around the cliff edge to a little chapel perched on the corner of a precariously looking rock. The path dropped vertically down one side with only a short stumpy wall holding us in, or on occasion rotting bits of wood nailed together which I think was meant to be a fence!!  We ate our sarnies on the cliff edge (lunch view was up there with the Lake in Switzerland and the Giants tomb in Belgium!) and then walked back, we stopped off at the Funicular (love them!) which took us back up to the monastery and then hopped back in the cable car which bumpily brought us back down to the car. We drove back in to Barcelona via the mega winding road, Ben wanted to put the truck to the test!

We parked up at the olympic grounds towards the west of the city and walked via the olympic stadium to Miro’s museum. We were armed with an audio guide. To save the pennies we only got one and had a head phone each, which meant we had to stick next to each other the whole time otherwise it popped out, pretty funny! We loved all of his brightly coloured quirky paintings and big sculptures. The building, built especially for his work, looked awesome in the sun and the roof had a great view of the city! We were planning on going to the National art museum which was next door but it was gone 6pm and was shutting so instead we headed off to Ikea…as you do! It was on our route home, we had admired the building as we came in and out of the city. It was none of the usual blue corrugated box type building you usually associate with Ikea, the Barce one was all glass and lit up in a cool colours! We invested in some cheap glasses and bought a stripy 🙂 parasol, hopeful that summer will appear in Italy when we get there. Ooo and a new duvet cover for €6-bargain central!

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