Hochrhein, Southern Germany

We rock up at a campsite in southern Germany, just on the border of Switzerland, still unsure at this point whether to swallow the €60 Swiss motorway toll (for car and caravan). A German man emerges from his desk looking at us suspiciously, wondering what the hell has brought us here (even though we rang up 2 hours previously) … he doesn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat!

After parking up to his very exact specifications, he writes down the meter reading for our electric ( the first campsite to charge us on useage), makes Ben fill out a rediculously long form and keeps hold of our passports (also a first!). By now it’s 5:30pm, the journey down from Heidelburg had been long and slow due to a large amount of roadworks on the motorways.

So we splash out (!), have a games night and crack open the JD and Jameson… 🙂

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