Rheinfall & Schaffhausen

We slept in until 12 the next afternoon, then hopped in the car to the largest waterfall in Europe. 10 minutes down the road and we reach the Swiss border…we decide to splash out! We’re obviously feeling rich (!) or rather neither of us have been to Switzerland before, it saves us having to go round it and could be a one and only oppertunity. €62 euros lighter and we’re in Switzerland! Apart from querying all Jakes dog food in the boot, the border control people were very friendly and helpful.

Not long after the border we find ourselves at Rehinfall, a rediculously wide waterfall- a pretty awesome sight! However, it’s mega touristy and has rip off car park prices (we are in Switzerland after all!) so we decide just to go down have a quick look, grab a wurst and brot and drive off.

We go down the road from Rheinfall to Schaffhausen, a lovely old medieval town, featuring lots of little lanes packed with old houses and stripey shutters!

It’s our last night in Germany…we round it off with Shnitzel (not quite as tasty as the one we had in Berlin, Maz!! But still pretty good!).

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