10 thoughts on “Jager €12- Get in!

  1. Hello Charlotte and Ben, I am enjoying looking at all the photos and news of your travels. Your mum has given me the website addresses! I’m thinking of you alot and hope all going well. Nicholas is now home for 2 weeks but has masses of work to do! (like Harriet) Christopher is meant to be revising for AS levels but rather a struggle to get him to work. He lpassed his driving test lst time and has also passed the pass plus. lots of love Caroline, Nicholas and Christopherxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Caroline,
      It’s nice to hear from you. Poor Nicholas, everytime i speak to Hats, she’s in the library…but not for too much longer luckily! Congrats to Christopher for passing his driving test, he must be really excited, i know i was when i passed! That’s great he’s done the pass plus too!
      We’ve just got to a campsite high up in the Swiss hills!
      Speak soon x

  2. Lovely to hear your news. I’ll keep looking at the photos. Weather here v.cold after lovely sun last week. Nicholas was in Manchester for the last wk of term with his course. They had to work v.v. hard and had vivas with module director! It sounded very stressful. Christopher is enjoying his hols but too much socialising and not enough revision for my liking! He has been to his Maths and Physics tutor twice this week which is good. All his friends are now passing their driving tests which is scary as they look so young. The boys are watching the Chelsea match on TV. Good luck with everything and take care. much love Carolinex

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