Caravanning, a new hobby?!

After nearly 4 months of living the life of caravaners and having parked up at over 40 campsites, we’ve come to realise that some people are completely obsessed with caravanning. It really is a hobby to them.

It usually goes something like this…We arrive at a campsite, check-in and drive towards our pitch. The net curtains of other caravans start twitching, eyes peeking out watching. Caravaners start appearing, usually lighting a cigarette as an excuse. They watch with beady eyes as Ben parks up quickly and skilfully, so not to draw too much attention! They continue watching, more caravaners gather, muttering to one another and pointing. We then get out, the caravaners look surprised, we’re under the age of 60! This is when the caravaners divide, some look disapprovingly and scurry off thinking ‘We can’t talk to young English yobos, thank god they’re not parked up next to us’ and others stay and stare more intently thinking ‘They’re young, they don’t have a clue. This will be interesting!’ So we get straight into hitching up, smoothly and confidently. I unreel the electric cable like a pro (!) lining it up neatly along the hedge, while Ben whips out his drill with caravan attachment and speedily puts the legs down and levels up. They’re waiting for the icing on the cake, the awning. This is when it gets interesting they think. Ha-we’re not going to give them that much enjoyment, the awning stays firmly put in the boot. Caravaners get bored and toddle off to watch the next arrival.

Ben caught me the other day gawping out the window of our caravan. Without thinking twice I started giving him a detailed run down on our new next door neighbours. Ben then grabs his phone and uses it as a mirror so he can check out the action too…oh no…we’re turning into them!

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