Amsterdam mash-up!

We finally reached Amsterdam after stopping off for a night in west Germany and enduring the worst drive yet, endless roadworks, accidents and torrential rain.

We knew we were in Amsterdam when we turned into the campsite (10 mins from the centre) and there was a welcoming smell of puff in the air! The campsite was packed with tents covering every inch of grass (it was like a mini Glasto!). People were milling about and chilling at the bar-this is what we call a real campsite…no caravan snobs here!! Oh and in true random Amsterdam style, goats and chickens wondered about the campsite baa-ing and clucking.

We have both been to Amsterdam before, but our memories of the city were (as expected!) hazy, so before we arrived we thought maybe this time round we’d see and do more and therefore remember it, however that idea went out the window when we arrived…you can’t miss out on a good old Friday night booze up in Amsterdam! We woke up late on Friday, caught a few rays, took Jake on a long walk, then scrubbed up (I even brushed my hair for the first time in a few weeks!) and jumped on the tram into the city, late afternoon. We walked along the canals and over heaps of little bridges in the direction of the Anne Frank museum, this was the one thing we both missed out on last time and really wanted to go. We took Mum’s advice to go late to avoid queues (it was open until 10pm), so we found a spot on one of the canals and ordered a very random but extremely yummy selection of meatball tapas!

With full bellies, we wondered over to the museum and headed straight in, up the narrow stairs to the annex at the top of the house where Anne and her family spent two years in hiding. It was quite a moving experience.

It was now 10pm, so we headed in the direction of an alcoholic beverage (not hard to come by in Amsterdam) and spent the rest of the night hopping from bar to bar, down little cobbled lanes, into coffee shops, over more canals and through the busy Red Light District. The atmosphere in Amsterdam at night is infectious, we love it, just a shame about the horrendous amount of tourists and the high drink prices…it’s changed since we were last here. Berlin-you’re still our number one 😉 just don’t go changing too!!

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