The Krakow salt mines…

We crossed over the border into Poland and headed up to Karkow. We finally found our campsite and parked up. It was blooming boiling-30 degrees.

We only have a couple of days in Krakow as we’re aiming for Berlin for Ben’s birthday, so we got cracking on the old sightseeing and made a short trip over to the famous salt mines.

We joined the English speaking tour and walked down 50 flights of stairs, 64 meters deep, to the beginning of the mines. We followed old cart tracks down lots of dark tunnels, past statues made out of the salt rock and then into the most amazing chapel, which had taken the miners 70 years to carve. Chandeliers made out of salt crystals hung from the celling and biblical carvings covered the walls, it was hard to believe this had been created so far underground. We carried on the tour past more chapels, through salt water lakes and down wooden stairs that took us deeper underground. We finished the tour at a bar cut out of rock…a nice touch we thought!! We then squeezed (and i mean squeezed!!!) into an old miners lift that took us back to the top, it sped up the shaft rattling from side to side…thank god we didn’t suffer from claustrophobia!!

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