A random observation…

Slovenia dry their grass like this on wooden racks:


And Slovakia like this, using small wooden tipi like structures:

(Images thanks to google, we were driving too fast to get good pics!!)

One thought on “Haystacks!

  1. Dear Charlotte, I have enjoyed the lovely photos and descriptions of Slovakia, Vienna and Budapest. Thanks for your pc. from Lake Bled. I would like to go there one day. Very sadly Nicholas failed his Investment exam. He was so upset but feeling a little better now. He retakes it wk beg 9th July and if he passes will graduate in Sept!! He has been to see the Module Director and is getting help with practice questions etc. etc. Luckily his house is paid for until 22nd July so he is staying on in Oxford. He is enjoying the Euro football. Glad you are having such beautiful weather.much love Carolinexx

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