‘…where fortresses tower over cities and well-preserved medieval towns nestle below the rocky peaks’. Lonely planet

After reading Lonely Planets ‘Why go?’ section for Slovakia we decided to change our route! We were planning to head through a small section of the Czech Republic to Poland but instead we thought we’d see Slovakia. We know very little about this country so we thought it would be a good opportunity to explore it.

We made the short journey from Vienna to Bratislava and parked up at an Autocamp in the suburbs of the city. We were greeted by a blunt Slovakian lady who looked at us very suspiciously, asked a number of times if we had our children in the caravan (!) and then talked mostly about the crime in the area and kindly informed us to “be aware of attacks” and to keep all our doors and windows locked. She armed us with leaflets telling us how to contact the police in the case of an incident (we loved the Slovakian way of phrasing things, check out the pics)! What a reassuring start…

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