We survived the night unscathed and headed into the centre of Bratislava. We parked in the brand new shopping centre, the spitting image of Westfields, and made the short walk along the river to the lovely little old town. We got a map and followed the walking route around the cobbled streets, up to Michaels gate and along to St Martins cathedral where we paid €2 to enter. We especially loved the bit where you could walk down to the Crypt where there were tons of old tombs…freaky! We then walked up the hill to the castle, which had been rebuilt in 1953 after a fire so was still pretty modern, but to make up for it there were great views of the river and the New Bridge (the longest suspension bridge in the world i believe!). We then wondered along the river, checking out the cool graffiti, had a quick look around the shopping centre then drove a few miles out of town to Devin castle where we walked around the ruins.

Jake felt very sorry for himself, he had a funny tummy, the shivers and a sore paw…he’s feeling better today though. Nothing a bit of salt water can’t mend (the paw not the tum!!).

2 thoughts on “Bratislava

  1. Hi Caryl! The crypt was so spooky, but interesting to see it! Jake looked so sad a couple of days ago, but he’s back to his cheeky self, winding up the other dogs at the campsite, as per usual!! Hope you’re having a good week x

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