Jaeger time!

*We are now heading back to Ljubljana!

2 thoughts on “Jaeger time!

  1. Dear Charlotte, Lovely photos. Glad to hear you have had a wonderful time with Harriet. I,ve just had lunch with Granny and Grandad who were very well indeed. However Grandad had an accident with the mower and drove it into the greenhouse.!! Thankfully he was OK but broke 2 panes of glass which have now been repaired. Thank God he wasn,t iinjured. I watched the river pageant from Vauxhall Bridge – fantastic atmosphere and every building festooned in bunting. However v v. wet at end as rain torrential and got drenched trying to get back to Vauxhall Station(took over an hour due to crowds.) We saw the Queen’s barge and a very quick glimpse of her. I,m going to watch the concert on TV tonight. sending you lots of love,
    Caroline and Chistopherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Oh no poor Grandad! Did he fall asleep on the mower?! I’m glad he’s ok, i bet Granny T was horrified when she heard the noise! I’ve had a look at all the jubilee celebrations on the BBC website, it looks like everyone is having such fun! At our campsite in Lake Bled there were a few English couples, all with Jubilee bunting hung up around their caravans, we felt bad that we didn’t bring any with us!! x

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