Beautiful Bohinj

We ventured out of Lake Bled and headed to Lake Bohinj. We were blown away. A fabulous lake surrounded by imposing mountains, which reflected beautifully in the tranquil water. We drove around the lake, found a lay-by in the woods, parked up and walked down through the trees to a tiny little beach, it was so quiet. We checked out all the fish, Ben tried to teach Hats to skim the stones across the lake and I went for a paddle and took some more underwater pics, the water was really warm! We then got back in the car, received a note from the police, we think telling us off for parking where we did although it was all in Slovene so god only knows!! Next stop, the Savica waterfall.

We climbed the many steps up through the woods, the water was getting louder as we got higher, then finally at the top we turned a corner to be confronted with the most amazing waterfall. It was so loud and looked so powerful. We ate our sarnies looking out across the valley and down to Lake Bohinj below. Amazing.

One thought on “Beautiful Bohinj

  1. Dear Charlotte, I have so enjoyed looking at the beautiful photos and reading your descriptions of the all the places you have visited. Slovenia looks wonderful and the lakes look so gorgeous and peaceful. Please give my fondest love to Harriet. I am hoping to go to see the water pageant on the Thames tomorrow (l000 boats). The forecast is for rain but I pray it will be fine in London. sending you, Harriet and Ben lots of love. Caroline and Christopherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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