We thought maybe today would be our ‘chill out’ day, but it was still cloudy 😦 If we were able to check the weather we would have known to have our Florence day as our pool day-gutted!!

Ohwell, it meant we could go to Vinci! Not far from our campsite was the medieval town where Leonardo da Vinci was born. We love anything to do with Leonardo, especially since seeing an awesome Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in Venice a few years ago, so we were really looking forward to going! We firstly headed towards the house where he was born, perched above the town surrounded by olive groves and poppy fields, but sadly the house was shut for renovation and was due to open later on this year-rubbish. So we drove back down, parked up in the town and made our way up to the Museo Vinciano, which is now housed in the amazing 11th century Castello Guidi. The exhibition was pretty extensive, there were over 100 models of his inventions, Ben was in heaven, so much so that it took, what felt like, a million hours to go round it!! It’s unbelievable how much he accomplished in his lifetime. We then spent an hour or so in the car nicking some free wifi!

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