Pisa and Lucca

We were going to save Sunday as a lazy day and make full use of the pool but it was cloudy when we woke up, so quick change of plan. Today was Pisa and Lucca day!!

We knew Pisa was going to be stupidly touristy, probably worse than Florence so we braced ourselves for the worst and thank god we did!!! We parked up in Pam (an Italian supermarket!!) and walked round the corner, through the old walls into the square, it was packed! We walked around the square and up to the leaning tower…it really does lean! More so than we thought, and it does look like a banana from a certain angle where the builders in 1275 decided to curve the tower back as it rose wonkily! We walked back around the square, attempted to get timed tickets to go up the the tower but the next time slot was 7pm, decided that it wasn’t worth a 7 hour wait (!) so walked back to the car laughing at the rows of people trying to get photos of them looking like they were leaning on the tower!!

Next stop Lucca! We bought a couple of bits in Pam hoping it would entitle us to free car parking…it didn’t! We bought a Pam bag for Jakes dog food (it makes me think of you Granny every time i give Jake his dinner, check out the pic!!). We arrived at Lucca, a lovely Roman town surrounded by big old walls. We walked through the big gates and around the narrow streets, we came across a belly dancing comp in one of the squares, really random! And bought a huge strawberry cable in the square with the imposing Duomo. Then we walked up onto the ramparts and followed the tree lined city walls back round towards the car. It was really busy along the ramparts, everyone was out for their Sunday stroll. We walked through hidden tunnels and peered through big cannon holes! We were gutted not to have hired one of those double seated pedal bike/chair things, they looked like so much fun…next time!!

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