The following day we took the motorway along the coast into Italy. We realised halfway along the motorway that we were lacking in cash (annoyingly, the toll booths don’t take our Euro card), we got to a booth but were a Euro short, i pressed the help button, a lady came over the tannoy, we said ‘Je suis désolé’ a few times and she let us off. Maybe we should do that more often!!  We also worked out that the Navara is classed as a van so instead of paying €13 we payed €21-rip!

We wound down the steep road into Imperia and turned into Poggi road, the campsite we were heading for looked a bit like a gypsy yard, sandwiched between two roads, surrounded by fencing and green netting, we soon realised were in the industrial outskirts of Imperia. We drove down into the site and after waiting a few minutes a little Indian man came round the corner and helped us into a space, it wasn’t quite the Italian welcome we were expecting but nice all the same!! All campsite dogs had to be walked down the side road which wasn’t ideal, but on the plus side the side road had some awesome graffiti running down the long concrete wall, it was as if a community project had taken place to make the area look less of a dive, some of the graffiti was of a really high standard. It reminded us of the graffiti street exhibition we saw in Bristol last summer. Loved. It.

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