Bussana Vecchia and Torria

We only had a day in Imperia and two things to do; Bussana Vecchia recommended by Peter (Bens Dad) and visit Peters flats in Torria.

Bussana Vecchia was a typical Italian hill village until 1887 when there was an almighty earthquake which killed off the villages inhabitants, the village was left deserted until 1947, artists then took it over, renovated areas of it and setup a community full of studios and galleries. It was an amazingly creative place, tiny cobbled alleyways led to little galleries, windows were turned into art pieces and there were quirky sculptures on every corner. It was quiet and peaceful. We peered through dusty, derelict door ways and saw artists at work. Towards the bottom of the village was a restaurant which was more lively, obviously the hub of the village. Then outside the village was the kids playground which had been creatively/haphazardly put together and the allotments where they grew all their own veg. We felt like we were intruding but us tourists helped a little to keep them going so they didn’t mind, just wish we could have found a disused building and moved in!

We reluctantly made our way back down to grid-locked Imperia then up the very windy road to Torria where Peter has 3 lovely flats which he has recently renovated. We parked up in the quaint little square and made our way down the narrow little streets to the flats (only tuk tuk’s can fit down those streets, of which there were lots!). The flats were hidden away at the far end of the village, we walked into the top flat full of old wooden beams, and exposed rock. The sun was streaming in. We had lunch on the terrace which has an amazing view right through the valley to the sea at Imperia, it was so warm and sunny!! We then checked out the other two flats to make sure they were ok, took some pics and walked back to the car. Once at the bottom of the valley we realised we hadn’t turned the electric off in the top flat, so back up we trundled to the village. *Now starting to feel dizzy from all the windy roads*!!! It was great to see the flats after hearing so much about them.

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