Barcelona: Day 1

We had a Saturday morning lie in (well, truthfully everyday is a lie in day!) but this was slightly longer! Ben cooked up a hearty scrambled egg and bacon bits (all we had in the fridge). We were armed with a full tum for Barcelona! We caught the L94 bus into town, it took around 25 mins, motoring at full pelt along the dual carriageway. Jumped off at what we thought was the right stop, but was in fact a mile too early so had a leisurely stroll in the direction of the tourist office and La Rambla. We picked up a map and off we went down the busy boulevard. Ben was in charge of all the valuables, which we thought was wise considering my history of getting stuff nicked! We passed a wide variety of human statues and annoying plastic chirping bird sellers, then sat down for a bite to eat and to see whether we could pick up any internet, the internet in the campsite was on prehistoric computers and cost a fortune. We managed to get a slow connection and put up a couple of posts. Then off we went exploring around La Rambla. I was on map reading duty and successfully guided us down prossie alley and around dodgy street corners, then more successfully into big old squares and city gardens, into a random art exhibition and then to the big food market which Barcelona is famous for (Ben had seen it on a Rick Stein programme). It was huge and full to the brim of every type of food. The centre of the market was set in a circle selling wondrous amounts of seafood. We pondered for a while just gawping at the amazing ostrich eggs, the ridiculous large pick and mix stalls and the colourful chilli stalls. I picked up a bargain smoothie from a florescent coloured stall and we laughed at the women dressed in big fluffy jumpers selling seafood, they looked really out of place!

It was getting dark and starting to rain so we quickly popped into Carrefour to grab some beers on the way to the bus stop and caught the bus back to the campsite.  Day 1 complete!

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