A quick getaway!

We had to get out of Scandinavia quickly, not because we didn’t like it (we loved it), but because it was zapping up all our money. Denmark & Sweden really are two of the most expensive countries in Europe AND Sweden only sells low alcohol booze-what is that all about?!

We made our way out of Sweden via the Oresund bridge (€81!!). We chose the wettest and windiest day, the caravan was swaying uncontrollably from side to side and we could only see a few feet ahead!

Our final payout was crossing over the Odense bridge in Denmark (€50). We finally made our way over the border into Germany and let out a huge (slightly less well off) sigh of relief!! Germany now feels like a second home, we’ve got a better grasp of the language, people are friendly (esp. in the north) and it’s seriously cheap!

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