Elsinore castle & Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

After breakfast we jumped in the car with very full bellies (!) and headed up the coast to Elsinore, the castle that Shakespeare based Hamlet on! We bought a parking clock for the car, the Danish have a weird car parking arrangement. You don’t have to pay for the car park, just buy a clock and stick it on your window and point the dial at the right time then off you go!

We walked around the castle (which was more like a palace) through the grand apartments, into the chapel and down to the dark and dingy cellars underground. Ben kept jumping out on us in the dark!!

We got back in the car and made the short journey down to Humlebaek where the incredible Louisiana Art gallery sits on a small hill above the sea. We wondered into art heaven! The place was huge with tunnels running in all directions full to the brim with amazing modern art. Every now and again the tunnels opened out into huge art galleries and doors led you out to the pretty gardens where Henry Moore statues sat looking out to sea. There was also an inspiring exhibition on Nordic architecture. We all fell in love with the place, I could have stayed forever!

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