We spent two lovely days in Copenhagen, the first being a lot sunnier than the second!

Day 1: We made our way into town on one of the fancy trains, which included free wifi and TVs! We exited the main station, Mum was in charged of map reading as she had been before, so she guided us up through the cool shopping streets to the round tower where we wound our way up the curving ramp to the top and looked out across the city. It was great to get an idea of the size and positioning of the buildings in the city. We then made our way over to Nyhavn where colourful buildings lined the harbour, it was mega busy with people sat at restaurants and musicians blasting out music. At the end of the harbour we got on a bulldozer of a boat and, i’d like to say ‘cruised’ around the harbour, but the ferry man was on a mission, so instead, the boat went at a million miles an hour, bumpily making its way from one side of the harbour to the other, bashing jerkily into the piers, snapping up people as he went. We stood at the back of the boat propping each other up, pretty amusing! From the boat we could see the amazing opera house, the incredible sand castle competition and the funky library! We got off at the library and walked through the Armoury museum to the main square, we popped into the old stables, and then round the corner to the modern art museum. Our last stop was Tivoli, Copenhagen’s ‘green space’ where people were chilling out on deck chairs and enjoying the theme park!

Day 2: We caught the train again into the centre, then got on a bus that took us over the harbour to Christianshavn where we popped into Vor Frelsers church with the most amazing spiral tower, it looked like a helter-skelter from a distance, sadly we couldn’t go up it as it was too wet and windy, so we made our way to the hippie village, Christiania, full of cool graffiti and abstract sculptures. Next stop was the Architecture Centre, positioned on the harbour edge in a fab old warehouse. We loved the design of the interior and the shop which was full to the brim with books and designery items!

We then separated, Mum and Dad caught the bus over to Rosenborg palace and looked around the old palace rooms, while Ben and myself went to Charlottenborg, a large square full of art galleries. We then met up and attempted to head out of town to Ordrupgaard, an art gallery full of French impressionist paintings which had recently been extended by architect Zaha Hadid. Sadly the trains let us down and the gallery was soon shutting so we didn’t make it 😦 but it mean’t we got back to the campsite a little earlier than planned and took Jake for a nice walk!

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