Berlin (by night)

We got smaaaaaaaaaaaashed!

Friday night I took Ols and Ben down a dodgy looking alleyway which led into a lovely little square with an art gallery and a couple of bars. The outside walls were covered head to toe in graffitti, posters, and sculptures and inside the decor was just as crazy. We found a table outside and drank our way through their cocktail menu. By 4am we were feeling a little peckish so bought a schnitzel burger and (very) merrily headed home!

Saturday was EPIC. We had booked ourselves on the Alternative Bar Crawl, something I had done previously, but as last time was so much fun I thought it would be good to do it again with Ols and Ben. It started at 9pm, so we squeezed in a quick tasty dinner and then got on the u-bahn up to the starting point, a fun little bar covered in plastic mushrooms and bright coloured glass blocks. We handed over our €10 each, downed the first free shots of the evening and moved on to the next bar, a gothic bar! Bats hung from the ceiling and everything was covered in cobwebs, it was dark and spooky!! We then hopped on the tube a couple of stops to the ping-Pong bar, hidden away in a grungy basement. We handed over our €5 deposit and were given a bat along with a drink of course and walked around the ping-pong table, hitting the ball as you got to either end. If you missed you were out, so the game sped up with people running around trying to get the ball, until it got down to two people were they battled to win…very entertaining.

It was now mid-night and therefore BEN’S BIRTHDAY, so we got the group to sing Happy Birthday to him while he downed a few more free shots, nice! Next stop, a cool little indie bar with good music and random little rooms with plastic manikins! Then finally we were taken on the tram a few stops. We got off outside a tacky furniture store, to the side of it was a small entrance into a huge industrial lift that took us down into one of the most amazing clubs we have ever been to. The lift doors opened to reveal a maze of chicken wire, we wound our way through it, showed our bar crawl stamp and entered. The place was huge, there were millions of tunnels and hidden doorways which led you into dark little rooms with old furniture. One room had karaoke going on, another there were bands playing all night, the next room was full of old beds, then you’d find yourself in an industrial room, covered in concrete with hundreds of old fire extinguishers. The minute we had left the lift we were lost, rooms ran off tunnels, which ran off metal walled mazes, there was no structure to it, you thought you’d got your bearings and then discovered another room of a different theme…it was endless. We finally dragged ourselves away, it was now daylight. We entered the u-bahn and were astonished to find it was only one stop from the hotel! We stumbled into the hotel, asked for a late check out (which he gave to us free-of-charge) and plopped into bed.


4 thoughts on “Berlin (by night)

  1. Happy Birthday Ben! Ahhhhh looks like SO much fun! I’m so mad I missed it :((( Love the pic of you and Ols with the milkshakes (?)! Miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ahhhh it looks like so much fun! When are you coming back by the way? I”ve lost track of time. We’re moving back to Norwich in three weeks so you’ll have to come and stay. Miss you guys, glad everything is awesome.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Laura!! I miss you too! I saw your bday event on FB, think we maybe in Aldeburgh that week with Ben’s fam, so might be able to pop up on the Sat which would be awesome, will keep you posted! We’re back end of this month. Hope the move goes well xxx

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