Always trust your instincts…

We had been toying with the idea of missing out Warsaw and seeing south west Poland on the way to Berlin, we both separately had a feeling Warsaw wasn’t the right route, however we had heard a lot about the city and really wanted to see it so off we went, from Krakow, along the bumpiest road ever!

We finally turned up at the campsite to find they had put the campsite prices up because of the football. They were charging 600 Zlotys (Around €150) for two nights instead of the usual €40, seriously?! This was more than the cheap Holiday Inn we’ve booked for Ben’s birthday in Berlin and the campsite was a dive! The lady at the desk didn’t think anything of it and was wondering why we wouldn’t hand over the Zlotys, we just couldn’t justify it. I had also rang earlier in the day to check they had space knowing the footie was on but didn’t think twice about asking about the prices, as the Krakow campsite was as it should be cost wise. We rang around a couple of other campsites in the city but they too had put their prices up, we contemplated driving into the city, it seemed stupid not to see it as we were there, but that’s a pretty impossible thing to do with a caravan in tow, so we had no choice but to turn around, we put Berlin in the Sat Nav and started driving and driving! By 10pm, after almost 12 hours of driving we pulled over and parked up amongst the lorries just off the motorway. Ben tucked the crow bar down the side of the bed (just incase!) and we spent the night with the hum of truck engines whirling around us!

We are now on the outskirts of Berlin, looking forward to Ollie arriving 🙂 and celebrating Ben’s birthday, Berlin styley!!!

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