Lovely Ljubljana

We left (not so sunny) Lake Bled and made the short journey up the motorway to a campsite on the outskirts of Ljubljana.

The following morning we drove into the city, parked up for free as it was Sunday and wondered down into the old town over the 3 famous bridges and through the markets, it was a perfect day for markets. We particularly loved the flea market set alongside the river selling all kinds of random antiquey things! We then made our way up to the castle via the funicular, which i was very excited about, although being pretty modern it turned out just to be a fancy lift-sad times! The castle was not the typical ruined castle that we love, this castle had been turned into a historic, tourist centre, cleverly laid out amongst the old stone buildings. There was a museum, a tower with an amazing spiral staircase and a fab view of the city, a lovely little chapel and a room which held a 15 minute video on the history of the castle, with very fancy graphics. We walked along the old walls then, after finally managing to drag Ben away, we left the castle via the big stone gate and made our way back down to the city below. We walked down through the woods on a new wooden walkway which led us past a brand new park… all of us having the mental age of 5 meant we had to stop and have a quick go on the see-saw, the roundabout, the bouncy horse thing and the swings!! Once we’d had all the fun we could we headed towards the galleries, we popped into the Modern Art gallery which was free on a Sunday and then up through the park to the Graphic arts centre. Our last stop was the art district where artists and musicians hang out in a huddle of buildings containing studios, bars and cafes. It was an awesome place, all the buildings were covered head to toe in graffiti and amazing sculptures. They were all centred around a square which was full of groups of people drinking and chatting, I could have moved in there and then! Ljubljana reminded me of a smaller version of Zurich, the city was really compact and the old town was so pretty. It had a lovely creative atmosphere, a large number of galleries and every shop window had creative flare. We loved it.

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