The Motel of horrors!

The day before Hatti arrived we rocked up at a weird campsite on the outskirts of Zagreb. Tucked behind a dilapidated 1970s motel and service station on the edge of a motorway, the campsite looked like it had seen better days! The shower block had creaky wooden swinging doors and manky brown tiles, making it dark and grungy looking, the lampposts were rusty, most didn’t work anymore and there were half broken benches and random wooden structures scattered around the field. On the plus side we sneaked Hats and jake in for free!

Last night we went on a midnight walk and took some spooky pics. Perfect setting for a horror film!

* We’re now in Slovenia on Lake Bled, we’ll be staying here for a few days exploring the area. We have free interent, so a Skype session is possible!!

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