Plitvice National park

We drove the few miles from our campsite to the park entrance. Handed over our 110 Kuna and entered. The entrance was ridiculously busy, full of every nationality. We wound our way down the zig zagging path to the lakes below, the water was an amazing turquoise colour, little pools were linked with cascading waterfalls. We walked along the wooden paths over the lakes like a herd of sheep, it was super busy, every few minutes you’d stop in a people queue waiting for the camera happy people ahead to move on. The path then forked and everyone went in the direction of the ferry which took you across the largest lake, we carried on straight and walked along the edge of lake where it was a lot quieter. We then joined the tourist trail at the other end and walked over loads of wooden bridges and walkways past lots of waterfalls of all shapes and sizes. The wooden walkways were really nice as you felt like you were right in the middle of all the wildlife, the only problem was they had loads of holes in between the planks of wood so Jake had to really concentrate not to get his paws stuck, this became quite tricky later on when he was really tired! While walking along we tested out the underwater camera every now and again, which meant me hanging over the edge with my arms in the water, Ben then put his thinking cap on and a few moments later wiped out Jakes long lead and clipped it on, our camera was now on a makeshift fishing line!! I spent the rest of the day setting the timer and chucking it in the water as we walked along, this was lots of fun and proved good entertainment for the passers by!!  We walked around the whole park, winding up through the series of waterfalls and then back down and around to the large lake where we caught the ferry back, Jake had time for a quick snooze before we had to jump off and walk back to the car!

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