Experimenting with our underwater camera…

3 thoughts on “Experimenting with our underwater camera…

  1. Glad you had a lovely birthday. The boys enjoyed the match last night. I saw John Terry in Costa coffee shop in Cobham recently. The Chelsea Ground is in Cobham . We have also seen 2 of the players at our local petrol station filling up their VERY SMART cars!!! Have a great time with Harriet. I;ll look forward to seeing your photos. The sea looks so beautiful and such a gorgeous blue colour (so inviting). The weather here is due to warm up this week (about time!!). lots of love Carolinexxx

  2. What fab photos! Have you got an underwater camera, or is there a new app which does the job for you – we need to be told!! Glad you watched the game last night, so I wasn’t the only one in purgatory – it goes to penalties and you rely on the Krauts to come up with the goods as usual and they muck it up!! Now we’ll be playing away to Dynamo St Peterport next season!!!

    • They’re real pics Dad!! It’s the camera that we got just before we left, and it goes underwater…that’s pretty much all it’s good for!! We’ve used it for all our other pics but the lighting can be a bit iffy- it’s a Pentax Optio WG-1 GPS

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