We arrived at Trieste and headed for the tourist information centre where we were given the most ridiculously large map!! We followed the walking route round, Ben was in charge of map reading. We past an old Roman theatre and walked up to the castle. On the way back down Ben was fully engrossed in the map and walked straight into a lamppost, I heard a massive clunk thinking the bag had hit the post but no it was Ben’s head. This map reading malarky is dangerous work, what with me falling over a tree trunk in Rome and Ben whacking his head in Trieste!! We decided some retail therapy would help his head so popped into H&M, I bought a pair of leggings to replace the ones I ripped in Rome and Ben got a hoodie! Trieste…done!

2 thoughts on “Trieste

  1. So that’s 1-1 on lamposts then! Hope we don’t need the ref to visit Specsavers tonight! Come on you Krauts! Happy Bithday to you!

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